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There are days...

The are days......we have been working hard to create neutral samples of out new line of clothes.  We chose shades of grey because they allow you to see the details of the clothes.  As we make them in other colors we will replace/or add the pictures to the site. On that note, I have found that it is easier to create the product listing on my laptop, unless I am not paying attention and it dies half way throught a new product listing......grrr, and then add other options using my phone.  Baby day is getting closer and there are lots and lots and lots of appointments for that so if it takes us a little longer to get back to...

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You spoke.....we are listening

Well you spoke, and some of you spoke very loud.  You have asked for basics, easy to order, everyday pieces that mix and match as well as our unique fun hoodies.  Watch for big changes coming to our website and clothing line up.  We have retired some of our products to allow us more time to bring you the quality handmade clothing that you have come to love. We will also be lauching our first Brand Rep Search so make sure you are following us on facebook @ and on Instagram @ for announcements and how to enter you little.

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