"Snugz" & "Adorbz"

"Snugz" & "Adorbz"

     While walking barefoot is the best option for your baby, a flexible, soft-sole shoe is the next best choice.  Soft-sole shoes allow your baby to move their feet freely and to feel the ground as they walk.

   “Soft-soled baby shoes allow the beginning walker to grip the floor, developing strong ankles and flexible foot bones.  This creates a solid foundation for bone and muscle formation in the rest of the body, especially the spinal column.  A level pelvis and straight spine depend upon healthy feet throughout our entire lives, beginning in infancy."

Available in Cotton, Flannel, Canvas, Felt or Denim outer with Soft Flannel, Fleece or Plush Felt Lining

Preemie to Size 2  and some Size 3 have a Faux Suede Sole

Sizes 3 - 12t have a variety of soles

Flexible Rubberized Water Resistant ToughTek*, Suede or Elk Hide